Install This Template On Your Wiki

If you would like to use this template as a starting point for your wiki, then please follow these instructions.

  • Go to your site manager
  • Appearance » Custom themes
  • Create a new theme
    • Name your theme anything you wish
    • Choose base as the theme to extend
    • Now copy this into the CSS code box:
We do not use this custom theme editor.
Custom themes are in the admin:themes page.
See that page for examples and instructions.
@import url(/admin:themes/code/1);
  • Create a page called admin:themes
  • Edit the page; copy and paste the following:
[[code type="css"]]
@import url(;

As long as you leave the @import line on this page, you can tweak the theme to your requirements.

It is also possible to change the logo, which will require adding some more CSS code to the admin:themes page.

If you feel that a different theme is more suitable for your needs then simply change the url to theme/code/1

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